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Wood decking

Rhodesian Teak Hardwood Decking - Rietvlei Dam PretoriaTimber decks have become increasingly popular over the past few years in South Africa. Now, wooden decking is the most fashionable and sought after addition to countless South African homes. Home owners in South Africa have become quite keen on this; not only because it adds great value to the home and to their living standards but also because the climate of that region is favourable for outdoor enjoyment throughout the year.

Why Wooden Decking is Preferred

Well planned and exquisitely designed wooden decking procures a unique aura of style and comfort. Imagine stepping out of your back door onto a beautifully finished, classic wooden floor that lets you enjoy the best of nature in the most fashionable manner. However, the most surprising feature that has aided to its popularity is its cost effectiveness. Amazingly, wooden decking costs less than constructing a room indoors.

Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, enjoys a temperate climate around the year. This optimizes the possibilities of outdoor house parties, braai get-togethers, sun-bathing or simple daytime relaxation sessions under the sun with a book or newspaper. And as if that was not enough, the wooden decking would also serve as a perfect place to simply lie down under the beautiful moonlit sky.

The real beauty of the wooden decking is that not only does it serve as the best extension of the house into the garden; it can also be laid quite aptly around the backyard pool or as a standalone feature in the area of the garden where prominence is desired.Balau Hardwood Decking in Waterkloof Pretoria

Designs and Colours in Wooden Decking

Wooden decks are created from natural timber and therefore complement the outdoor landscape beautifully. South Africa is home to numerous kinds of timber and therefore the citizens can benefit from this gift generously. A home owner can choose from a great variety of colours and selecting the best company for building the wooden deck will also offer them the opportunity of selecting from timber decks in different designs.

Sometimes, the wooden decks are constructed at almost ground level while at other times; they are raised to multiple levels which gives an added visual effect.


Colorado Decking in Centurion - PretoriaSelecting the Best Service Provider

There are many companies in South Africa which provide the service of building wooden decks to home owners; however, selecting the best one from them could be a challenge. Select the one which can,

  • Ensure quality of construction and material
  • Offer theĀ  best customer service even after the job is done
  • Provide helpful tips to their customers
  • Give a sincere advice after visiting the site of construction
  • Offer various designs in construction and different colours in timber
  • Vouch for a standard that they have been able to keep up over the past years.

Wooden decking is the best home improvement addition to a residential building. It adds charm, style and inconceivable value to the house. But selecting the best contractor for building wooden decks is a really important step which cannot be neglected.