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Wood Plastic Composite decking

Composite Decking - Meyersdal Eco Estate GautengDecking is one of the best home improvement ideas of the modern age. The demands of timber decking are growing with each day especially in places like Pretoria, South Africa.

Besides uplifting the front or back elevation of the house, it also adds great value to the building. This raised decking also offers the opportunity to the home owners to enjoy the outdoors in a relaxing manner without leaving their house. However, with so many benefits, there is still a big disadvantage that makes home owners sceptical about their decision and that is the cost and maintenance of a wooden decking.

Undoubtedly, real timber has an elegance and quality that cannot be matched but with a big price tag. A recently developed alternative of wooden decking, which solves the problems faced by home owners with wooden decks, is composite decking. 

What is Composite Decking?

Wood Plastic Composite decking (WPC) is a factory-made decking product, which means that it is not naturally occurring like timber, although it gives a similar appearance to the outside of the house. It is manufactured with a combination of various building materials, like ground sawdust, non-virgin wood materials and even recycled plastic. This effectively brings down the cost of the product without affecting its finish. To this peculiar combination of materials, a whole lot of varying additives are mixed; these include pigments, stabilisers and bonding agents to achieve a result that resembles real wood in appearance. This is how composite decking ends up as a very similar product to wooden decking but with greater advantage.

Advantages of Composite Decking

  • Composite Decking is a versatile decking product that is available in a variety of colours, textures and grain appearance. These colours and different appearances are carefully manufactured to produce an end result which closely resembles that of different kinds of timber.  Composite Deck installed in Silver Lakes Golf Estate Pretoria
  • Besides offering a variety of colours and textures, composite decking also offers a wide range of widths and lengths in the decking boards to create a unique and desirable platform design.  
  • The real benefit lies in its trouble free maintenance and lower cost. Unlike wooden decking, with composite decks, one doesn’t need to worry about sealants and conservation procedures. It can easily withstand the toughest outdoor conditions and would therefore serve as the best surrounding to the pool area and the best outdoor uncovered podiums that is likely to be hit by a lot of showers. 
How to Choose Composite Decking for Your Home?

There are still many things to decide even after you have made the decision of going for the composite decking. And these few things can bring a lot of changes to your finished deck.

  • There is a great variety in composite decking and they come in varying costs. Therefore if you are on a tight budget, you will have to decide where to compromise. 
  • You will also need to choose between D.I.Y Composite decking and professional installation depending upon your budget.Eva Last Composite Decking - Meyersdal Eco Estate Gauteng
  • Once you have selected the range depending upon the price, you will then have to choose from the different colours and grains the company has to offer. For this keep in view the colour of your house’s front elevation and how much heat and sunlight that part of house receives as darker colours will absorb more heat.